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On Saturday night, April 16th, Laser Image won significant honors at the 50th Annual PICA Awards (what are PICA awards?). We took home prizes for Best of Category Digital Printing: Cards, Best of Category Digital Printing: Sales Campaign, and a Special Judges Award Digital Printing: Booklets (32 pages or less). We were also one of 4 finalists for Best Digital Printing. Most significantly we won the Gwen Doster Judges’ Choice Award for the Groover Design Promotional Package.

These awards not only recognize the excellent print and finishing work of the Laser Image team, but also recognize the customers who gave us the opportunity to print their pieces that highlight the quality of their design. We’d like to thank these customers for providing us with winning artwork: Dale Design for the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation Announcement card, Groover Design for the Groover Design Promotional Package and Cotton Incorporated for the Cotton Leads – Japanese book.

Winning the Gwen Doster Judges’ Choice Award was particularly meaningful, as Katie Beth Groover is not only a freelance graphic designer, but part of the Laser Image customer service and design teams as well. Her promotional package was part of the final project she submitted prior to graduating from the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham with honors in June of 2015. This piece included a resume, business card and an autobiographical panoramic book.

Gwen Doster was a 35 year employee of PICA from 1975-2011. Working for five different presidents and thirty-six chairmen of the board, she made an indelible mark on the organization reflected in the establishment of “The Gwenny”. This award is for the printed piece that possesses a unique combination of quality, craftsmanship, beauty and integrity, much like the award’s namesake.

I am so proud of Katie Beth and her colleagues at Laser Image for producing work that upholds the values that this award represents. I invite you to stop by and see this award ~ which is lovely ~ and to take a look at all the winning pieces.

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