1-Click file prep

PDF preflight - A free and EASY way to pre-check your print files

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PDF preflight - A free and EASY way to pre-check your print files

1-Click file prep

How to make sure you’re sending print-ready files

Our PDF preflight tool is a free and easy way to check your files prior to submission. PDF preflight makes sure your files are set up for error-free printing.

It’s free, simple, and helps you avoid job delays and re-work charges. With one click you can correct, verify and upload your print-ready PDFs to Laser Image.

Why PDF preflight?

We accept many file formats, but prefer PDF files because they let us take extra steps to help find errors like:

  1. Image resolution too low
  2. Fonts not embedded
  3. Wrong color space used
  4. Incorrect trim and/or bleed
  5. Inconsistencies (e.g. hairlines & gradients) within the native graphics file
  6. Spot colors misnamed or accidentally converted to process colors
  7. Images compressed too much (causing low quality and artifacts)
  8. Incorrect page size
  9. Problems with transparent objects
  10. ICC profiles missing or incorrect

PDF preflight* catches problems such as these before files leave your hands. One minute spent checking with PDF preflight can save hours of lost time and confusion.

How do I use PDF preflight?

It’s simple!

  1. Download & skim the use guides
  2. Download the free software
  3. Install the software (you might need to check this Apple support document). A new print driver will be added to your computer called “PDF Preflight – Laser Image Printing and Marketing.” You can now either
    • Choose the new print driver in your graphics program and print to a PDF file
    • Use the “Drag & drop” standalone application for existing PDF files
  4. You’ll be prompted to fill out a form and review a checklist. Then either fix errors or press send.

That’s all! Your file will be sent, we’ll receive a notification and get your work into production.

* The word “preflight” comes from the routine pilots go through before takeoff … aren’t you glad they do that?

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