Panoramic books

Panoramic books using TRU-Flat® binding technology are AMAZING!

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Panoramic books using TRU-Flat® binding technology are AMAZING!

Panoramic books

Elegant albums, portfolios & proposals in any quantity

Specially finished papers combined with TRU-Flat® binding technology create a unique and groundbreaking book format. Designed to run on digital presses, panoramic pages lie perfectly flat when you open the bound volume. What do clients say the first time they see their work a panoramic book? “Wow, that’s amazing!


  • Books lie flat when opened
  • No gutter; flow your design across the whole spread
  • Fast turnaround; your books ready in a few days
  • Design templates available
  • Acid-free paper for a product made to last
  • Four distinctive paper finishes – uncoated, gloss coated, silk coated and proPhoto luster
  • Page sizes: 5 x 5 to 8.5 x 11
  • Many stock weights
  • Digitally printed in full color or sublime black & white
  • Six-page designs easy to do. No longer do your page counts have to divide by four!


  • Architectural presentations
  • Photography albums
  • Designer’s portfolios
  • Artist’s portfolios
  • Family histories
  • Real estate guides
  • Branding books
  • High-end collateral

Get Started with These Handy Design Templates

  1. Download a pre-made template from Mohawk:
    Mohawk Connects - Panoramic Design and ArtworkMohawk Connects - Panoramic Template

  2. Choose a template in the page size you want
  3. Use the PDF template as a locked guide layer in InDesign or Illustrator
  4. Design your piece in a separate layer on top of the template layer
  5. Delete the template guide prior to printing
  6. That’s it!

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