Secure customer portals

Customer portal - Fast, easy business identity printingCustomer portal - Fast, easy business identity printing

Secure customer portals

Do you manage the production of manuals, books, marketing pieces, business cards or other standard items for your organization?

A customer portal is a password-protected storefront on our website that makes this fast and convenient for you.

Portals drastically streamline workflow for anyone coping with lots of documents.

Portals are customized for each user’s needs. Here’s a list of everything you can do on your portal.

What can you do?

Reorder documents
View your frequently ordered titles, along with their prices and thumbnails. Place reorders by simply entering quantities.
Send a new order
Your contact information is on file on your portal. All you do is fill out the specification forms, attach your new file using the handy browser, and click Submit.
Customize documents
Enter variable personal information into business card, letterhead, envelope and memo pad templates we create for you. Proof your composed documents instantly and submit your order. Read more about VersaDoc™.
Request an estimate
Have a new project? Go to the Request An Estimate section of your portal. Your contact information is already filled in, so just enter job specifications and submit your request.
View a proof
You’ll receive an email when it’s time to check a proof on your portal. Approve the proof directly from the email.
Approve orders
Co-workers requiring order approval are tagged in our system. When they place an order an email goes out to the proper manager for approval. Order approvals can be tailored to your needs, including associating specific employees with specific managers.
Control the order process
Specify who is authorized to place orders, and set their spending limits.
View Management reports
Order reports to track document usage by title, date range, and order-placer. Track expenditures, who is ordering what, and where orders are sent. Set up automated email notifications to alert you when co-workers place orders.
Make Online payments
File your credit card number with us, or authorize automatic withdrawals from your checking account. Through this secure feature, simply tell us which invoices you want to pay, and we process your payment.
Brand your portal
Your portal will display your logo and other branding, and can be linked to your own website.

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