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The Fifth Wall

Vinyl graphics on a museum floorVinyl graphics on a museum floor

Floors have been called the last blank canvas for marketers and advertisers.

Think about it. Walk into any lobby, trade show, store, or airport, and almost everywhere your gaze falls you’ll likely see a message of one kind or another.

Everywhere but on the floor.

Co-working space lobby

Here’s the good news.

You can start utilizing your floors as an advertising canvas right now, due to innovative new substrates and laminates manufactured specifically for floor applications.

Floor graphics can be applied to sidewalks, parking lots, streets, elevators, stairwells, courts and even the bottom of swimming pools. Now you can print vivid images on specialty stocks made for virtually all “floor environments,” whether indoors or out. Even table and bar tops are great sites for floor graphics.

Vinyl floor graphic cascading from an office doorway

Today’s floor graphics:

  • are easy to install
  • can be applied to tile, vinyl or wood, and to carpeting as well
  • work outdoors on asphalt, block, and brick
  • come in walkable and driveable types
  • are available in types designed for short-lived applications, like trade shows, and for multi-year campaigns
  • can be cut into virtually any shape or contour
  • are printed on stocks with anti-skid surfaces, or stocks that can be laminated with anti-skid films

Designers are coming alive to the creative possibilities of floor graphics, converting boring floors into streets, paths, pools, billboards, photo albums, and much more.

To pull off successful campaigns using floor graphics you’ll need to come up with a concept and develop it with good messaging and graphic design. You’ll need to choose the right substrate for your environment and the duration of your campaign. You’ll need to work with a printer who has high-quality, wide format output devices. You may need assistance with installation and de-installation.

Here at Laser Image, our experts are eager to help. Give us a call. Consultations are always without charge or obligation.

Floors are the perfect place for directional or advertising messages that move people where you want them to go, or stop them in their tracks.

Don’t ignore the floor.