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6 wide format facts for designers & marketers

Banner for American Tobacco Campus

  1. Smart marketers rely on digitally printed signage. The wide format market has a global retail value of $55 billion, and is expected to grow at a 6.5% CAGR through 2017.1
  2. Wide format works. 76% of respondents to a recent survey said they have entered a store based on signage alone. 68% have purchased a product because its signage caught their eye.2
  3. In the same survey, 68% of respondents said they believe good signs reflect the quality of a store and its products. Over half said they’re less willing to enter a store with poorly made signs.
  4. Today’s marketers allocate big budget dollars to signage. On average, 16.1% of all marketing dollars go to wide format graphics.3
  5. The most popular wide format applications are banners, posters, signs, and point-of-purchase displays.
  6. Best of all, there are lots of exciting substrates out there to choose from for your wide format projects. For example, this Digital Media Product Guide from MACtac describes a wide variety of their innovative solutions. Want to experience MACtac products by walking through 3D virtual room galleries? Check out their DesignScape3D app for Windows, Mac, iPad & Android.

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The Fifth Wall

Vinyl graphics on a museum floorVinyl graphics on a museum floor

Floors have been called the last blank canvas for marketers and advertisers.

Think about it. Walk into any lobby, trade show, store, or airport, and almost everywhere your gaze falls you’ll likely see a message of one kind or another.

Everywhere but on the floor.

Co-working space lobby

Here’s the good news.

You can start utilizing your floors as an advertising canvas right now, due to innovative new substrates and laminates manufactured specifically for floor applications.

Floor graphics can be applied to sidewalks, parking lots, streets, elevators, stairwells, courts and even the bottom of swimming pools. Now you can print vivid images on specialty stocks made for virtually all “floor environments,” whether indoors or out. Even table and bar tops are great sites for floor graphics.

Vinyl floor graphic cascading from an office doorway

Today’s floor graphics:

  • are easy to install
  • can be applied to tile, vinyl or wood, and to carpeting as well
  • work outdoors on asphalt, block, and brick
  • come in walkable and driveable types
  • are available in types designed for short-lived applications, like trade shows, and for multi-year campaigns
  • can be cut into virtually any shape or contour
  • are printed on stocks with anti-skid surfaces, or stocks that can be laminated with anti-skid films

Designers are coming alive to the creative possibilities of floor graphics, converting boring floors into streets, paths, pools, billboards, photo albums, and much more.

To pull off successful campaigns using floor graphics you’ll need to come up with a concept and develop it with good messaging and graphic design. You’ll need to choose the right substrate for your environment and the duration of your campaign. You’ll need to work with a printer who has high-quality, wide format output devices. You may need assistance with installation and de-installation.

Here at Laser Image, our experts are eager to help. Give us a call. Consultations are always without charge or obligation.

Floors are the perfect place for directional or advertising messages that move people where you want them to go, or stop them in their tracks.

Don’t ignore the floor.

Transforming a space – creatively

Hi everyone,

What does 3 + 1 + 53 equal? Not 57 as you might imagine.

What does 3 designers + 1 software program + 53 feet of wall equal? The most original wall art to grace a lobby that was ever imagined!

As you will see when you take a look at the action-packed video of our lobby transformation, there is a new product being offered at Laser Image that has the power to make your creativity come alive. I saw it happen myself when we asked our graphic design team to turn our lobby into a showcase of our wide format capabilities, including papering our walls with original artwork using HP WallArt designer software. The results went far beyond my expectation. Using a collaborative approach, incorporating imagination and storytelling, and utilizing numerous media on different substrates, surfaces and hardware they have created a room-size invitation to the limitless possibilities available for walls and windows everywhere.

Kayleigh Creech, Jess McMullen and Katie Beth Groover are our talented designers. Jarrod Moore, our wide format specialist, produced all of the pieces, and Shawn Gibbs, Laser Image’s operations manager, oversaw the project and was the lead installer of our newly papered space.

You can tap in to your creativity by checking out our video and by using our new customer tool, then we will complete your vision in print and provide installation support if you need it.

You have my personal invitation to visit Laser Image and see for yourself what a cool lobby we have, and to meet the creative individuals who can help transform your ideas into reality.

We can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you!

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Kelly Clark, Founder and CEO
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Wall Art – An exciting wide format design innovation

Lobby decorated with HP WallArt

Imagine decorating entire walls with colorful patterns and images of your own design, using your own photos or drawing on a vast library of stock resources.

Imagine transforming your dining room, your child’s bedroom, or the lobby of your business into a one-of-a-kind display of custom images covering walls, ceilings and even floors.

Bedroom with HP WallArt

Fully customized interior wall decor is within reach with wide format latex printing from Laser Image, supported by the online design resources of HP WallArt 3.0.

Unique and custom interior design is now limited only by your imagination. Our new HP L360 latex printer prints full color images and patterns up to 64” wide. These can be seamlessly integrated to cover entire walls, rooms, lobbies or store fronts, and floors.

Classroom with HP WallArt

With so many possibilities we’re seeing a creative explosion in this area. Designers are dreaming up new applications every day.

Latex inks:
  • Have outstanding color range, consistency and durability
  • Are non-allergenic and emit no hazardous air pollutants
  • Dry immediately upon printing for very fast production
  • Print on a variety of exciting new media, including direct print onto textiles

Wall art. It’s visually so stunning I can’t capture it in words. You have to see it to believe it. Here’s a quick video to give you an idea.

New! HP Scitex FB550 printer

Two penguins holding a bannerTwo penguins holding a banner

New WIDE format capabilities for us …

a WIDER range of applications for you!

We love printing machinery.

We love the design. We love the look. We love the sound when they’re running.

Most of all, we love taking delivery of a new machine.

We know, it’s geeky.

So when our new HP Scitex FB550 wide format printer arrived in mid-September, we knew we just had to share the excitement.

(BTW – Did you know the HP Scitex FB550 is one of the fastest wide format printers in the world?)

Our production manager Shawn Gibbs grabbed his phone and started snapping pics. The crate was as big as a small house!

Whether you need indoor signage, outdoor signage, POP displays, convention graphics, interior décor, flexible stock, rigid stock, white ink, or 6-color photo quality, our new HP Scitex FB550 printer can print it for you!

  • Vivid colors for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 62″ wide roll stock with full bleed
  • 64″ wide on board with full bleed
  • Direct-to-substrate for almost any rigid material up to 2.5″ thick
  • White ink lets us print on almost any transparent, translucent or colored material
  • High volume, high resolution – from yard signs to beautiful, photo quality wall art
  • Product throughput advances – your job is in and out of our shop faster than ever

Now, is that COOL or what?

Interested? Contact Mike Dickinson today ( or call him at 919-361-5822, ext 230) for a personal tour and introduction to what this amazing machine can do for you.