What’s new for September 2015

NFL football stadiumNFL football stadium

With Fall comes … football!

We love football. Or should we say that Shawn, Mike, Mike D, Mike A, Justin, Norm, Evans, Delirious Dave (he’s a Dolphins fan) and Josh love football? Nine men, sixteen fantasy football teams – can you guess what the conversation is about in the lunch room? It’s not about the new Muppets show or Late Night with Stephen Colbert.

Every season brings new drafts, new trades, new strategies and maybe even a new trick play or two!

That’s true for Laser Image as well.

Here are a few of our recent game highlights.

Richard Smith’s “green” research (Laser Image received Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certification last summer for being eco-conscious) led him to an interesting discovery this month. Here are a few of Richards thoughts, including a link to the full news article.
➜ Why is Apple purchasing woodlands?
Kelly Clark, Founder and CEO
In this month’s Notes from Kelly post, Kelly Clark ponders the question “What does the word sustain mean?” Kelly also talks about an anniversary, Laser Image’s community involvement with Stop Hunger Now, and touches on new equipment and expanded services now on board. Read her thoughts at ➜ Sustain – it means so many things.
Customer testimonials
If a picture is worth a thousand words, fifty words of praise are priceless. We appreciate every customer who has taken the time to share their thoughts with us, and we want to share their thoughts with you. Please take a look at the testimonials we’ve received on our ➜ Customer testimonials page.

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