Why is Apple purchasing woodlands?


In early May 2015, the technology giant Apple teamed up with the Working Forest Fund to acquire 36,000 acres of woodlands in the eastern US. The WFF now has a high profile corporate partner with deep pockets to help it protect forests.

While the WFF wants to conserve forests, its approach is unique in that their goal is to preserve sustainable working forests—in other words, forests that are protected at the same time that they’re utilized to provide jobs and produce products.

As the WFF says on its website, “Our goal is to ensure forests’ vital role in providing clean air and water, wildlife habitat, and economic benefits for communities across America.”

Apple sells billions of dollars worth of products a year, products that are as beautifully packaged as they are designed. This packaging consumes tons and tons of paper.

As a visionary company, Apple knows the value of sustaining the resources they use to make their products. The newly purchased woodlands will provide half the virgin fiber that goes into the packaging of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and Apple TV products every year.

Apple knows that paper is a renewable, sustainable product as long as our forests are properly managed. Apple joins with the conservation movement and the paper and printing industry in making sure this takes place.


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