Why we love Mohawk Maker Quarterly

Opened copy of Mohawk Maker Quarterly magazine

Photo Credit: Mohawk

At Laser Image we love the Mohawk Maker Quarterly so much that we have to recommend it to our friends.

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly, published by Mohawk, celebrates craftsmanship and craftsmen, people who make real things—designers, potters, photographers, woodworkers and the like—in a colorful journal, available free to subscribers.

In Issue #8 you can read about how great branding is rooted in creating positive feelings, why good design matters, and why, the music fan’s online go-to, launched a print magazine.

It’s fascinating stuff, short, sweet articles for anyone interested in designers making beautiful things you can touch and hold in your hands.

Read it online—or better yet sign up for your own free subscription to the magazine. It will make you happy to see it—and hold it—when it shows up in the mail.

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