Augmented Reality: a powerful tool for marketers

iPhone scanning a layAR trigger on a wall calendar

(This is the fourth post in our Nuts & Bolts of a Marketing Campaign series)

When the Laser Image graphic design team envisioned our 12 Touch Campaign, they decided to showcase as many of our print capabilities as possible.

One of their show and tell creations is the dimensional mailer below that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to deliver a multimedia message.

AR is a hot technology – think Pokémon Go – that lets you tie together printed information and digital information delivered to a device, in a single coherent communication. Early adopters have used AR on products. We’ve put AR on paper.

Direct mail piece for the 12 Touch campaign

Direct mail piece for the 12 Touch campaign

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In our mailing, AR works like this. The mail tube encloses a wall calendar as a premium gift for the carefully selected prospects on our list. And it’s a special calendar with a “trigger image” on it. The trigger image is a feather in the top-left corner, and it does something new and exciting.

A printed band around the outside of the calendar invites recipients to download a special app, and then to scan the feather with their cell phone cameras. When they do, a custom video starts up and plays on their screens.

In AR marketing, the print piece that triggers media on your reader’s phone doesn’t have to be a calendar. It could be a postcard, a poster or banner, the label on a wine bottle, or whatever suits your particular campaign. It’s up to you. You just have to embed an image in the piece to serve as the trigger.

The technology is flexible, allowing you to use it to fit your needs. The trigger image can take you to a website, can send an email, help you purchase a product, make a phone call, “like” something on social media, play a slide show. Recipients can view the message on cell phones, tablets, laptops with cameras, and, sooner than we might like to think, wearables.

It’s easy to imagine how AR can leave strong impressions and get across complex messages.

In the mailing under discussion here, we wanted to hit a triple. We designed the mailer to:

  • Demonstrate our abilities with Augmented Reality marketing
  • Highlight, via the video, our custom wallpaper (wall art) product
  • Intrigue our recipients by showing them something fun about Laser Image through the use of AR and video

Custom wall art is another capability we’re working hard to make marketers aware of. Printed on wallpaper stock in vibrant latex inks, and tiled for ease of installation, wall art is designed to the dimensions of your room, using custom images and patterns, or even your own photos. Use wall art to completely refresh a corporate lobby, a restaurant, a living room or baby’s nursery, or any other room where you want to showcase your own messages, palette and taste.

Take a moment to view the short video of us redecorating our lobby with custom wall art. It is the same video featured in the AR mailer above.

Is Augmented Reality a marketing tool for you? Is custom wallpaper? Give us a call. We’ll be happy to tell you more about these exciting new possibilities and discuss how they could work in your marketing mix.

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