Custom printed magnets: A better tchotchke

refrigerator magnet

In previous posts about Nuts & Bolts of a Marketing Campaign we’ve talked about the importance of graphic design, dimensional printing, dimensional mailers, Augmented Reality and how we used these in our own 12 Touch marketing campaign. Now we add tchotchkes, those small objects that are more decorative than functional and are meant to be fun or eye-catching, like a custom printed magnet.

To open doors for our business development team, we’ll go to great efforts to build attention and interest. This makes sense because the long-term value of a new customer is very high for us. Besides, direct sales can be tough these days. Getting an appointment isn’t easy. Groundwork must be laid.

What role did a magnet play in our 12 Touch marketing campaign?

Our magnet provides one more unique touch that builds awareness, and showcases a tchotchke that we can produce in-house.

Designed with a fun message and image, accompanied by a hand-written note that played off the theme of the magnet – we hoped people would find it amusing enough to keep and display and even prompt them to give us a call.

We print small, refrigerator-sized magnets like this one, and large ones for vehicles. Our standard stocks are:

  • 14 mil Magnum Magnetics for “refrigerator” magnets
  • 20 mil Magnum Magnetics for vehicle magnets

Magnets can be UV coated or laminated and corner-rounded for added effect. And at Laser Image we print in the quantity that suits your need.

Try a magnet for your next premium tchotchke. With clever design, magnets have value and staying power – literally.

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