QlikTech documents printed on-demand

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QlikTech documents printed on-demand

Print on-demand streamlines supply chain management

Brittini Schafer faced a training document management challenge. Laser Image solved it with a custom portal and on-demand printing service.

QlikTech, Brittini’s employer, sells sophisticated software to large corporations (see sidebar). Training customers to use its software is an essential part of QlikTech’s offering.


As Training Operations Manager, Brittini is responsible for supplying trainers with teaching manuals, and for tracking the usage of QlikTech’s various titles. This is challenging for many reasons.

Many titles
QlikTech has 14 titles in their training inventory
Multiple versions
Currently 8 titles of an older version and 6 of a newer version are in use
Multiple formats
Some titles are designed in 2 sizes
Limited shelf life
Titles are revised annually, and sometimes more frequently, as products are updated
Short time frames
Training materials must be delivered all over the US, Canada, Mexico and England on an unpredictable schedule
Two types of trainers
Some training is done by QlikTech employees, while some is done by contractors
Multiple delivery addresses
Training takes place in QlikTech facilities and also at customer sites
Budget responsibility
Brittini must track materials usage, and bill contract trainers for their materials
Efficiency responsibility
For cost and environmental reasons, QlikTech is keen to minimize out-of-date manuals

Brittini is the supply chain manager of a dynamic inventory of vital documentation.

Imagine the frustration if a QlikTech instructor convened a training class on a scheduled date and the right number of correct manuals had not been delivered in a timely manner. Clearly there would be serious repercussions for QlikTech’s credibility, and for Brittini herself.

How does Laser Image help her meet these challenges?

Print on-demand

Before the advent of on-demand printing, Brittini would have had two choices, both with major downsides.

She could manage her process via the old print-to-stock method, in which case she would make a guess about annual usages, order full quantities of all titles, store them in inventory, then pull and ship as requested.

But what if an unanticipated upgrade comes along? What if she orders too many books? Or too few? Inevitably, there would be waste. Additionally, her company would have to pay warehousing and inventory carrying costs.

Alternately she could send print files out to her trainers for them to print as needed. But then she would lose control of quality and brand integrity, at the same time that she placed an unwanted burden on her trainers.

Laser Image’s print-on-demand system eliminates all these issues.

It starts with the custom Customer Portal we prepared for Brittini on our website for her to manage her process.

  • Instead of pre-printing, Brittini stores her manuals on our servers, in printable format
  • She orders her materials as needed on her password-protected Portal
  • She updates them easily by sending us replacement files via her Portal
  • She maintain no pre-prints in physical storage
  • She throws away nothing
  • Laser Image outputs her orders to high-speed digital printers in class-size consignments, then binds and fulfills them immediately to her remote training sites

Process management

Besides working as a digital storefront, her portal provides Brittini with management tools.

Via her portal she can track usage by title, date-range, and trainer. She can check UPS tracking numbers to monitor shipments. She could, if she wished, allow trainers to order their own materials through the portal, with full reporting, and the ability to limit order sizes according to different authorizations.

In addition to all this, Brittini is reassured to know that Laser Image produces her materials in one central location, where trained operators protect the quality of her manuals and the integrity of her logo, images, colors and formats.


  • No minimum run lengths. Print one or many pieces per order.
  • No trashing of obsolete materials
  • No storage costs
  • Reduced environmental impacts
  • Whole process managed on-line
  • Quality standards and brand integrity guaranteed

Business intelligence

QlikTech’s product is a powerful corporate dashboard that let’s people in large organizations produce custom apps to mine CRM and ERP databases.

Using QlikView, employees can quickly create and share apps to uncover trends and outliers in data, present the results visually, and share them within the organization.

QlikView is maintained by central IT departments and works on desktop computers and mobile devices.

QlikTech has over 25,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

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